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farewell the ashtray girl!

beware this troubled world, control your intake!

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Name:Nineveh is laid waste: who will bemoan her?
The moon is a sow
and grunts in my throat
Her great shining shines through me
so the mud of my hollow gleams
and breaks in silver bubbles

She is a sow
and I a pig and a poet

When she opens her white
lips to devour me I bite back
and laughter rocks the moon

In the black of desire
we rock and grunt, grunt and
Kezia is a young woman in her late teens, petite, slightly gothic, with a darkly secretive and wild nature. Frequently found in bars and clubs, she is outwardly normal, but people with supernatural perception may notice a crude and deliberate obscuring of her aura -- as if she draped a sheet over it.

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